Ridgevue High School is committed to preparing each individual for success now and in the future.
Ridgevue Warhawks meet every opportunity with honor, self-efficacy, resourceful determination and
courageous perseverance--We rise “Above the Best!”
Warhawk Way: 
Respect for self, respect for others, and respect for resources
Honor in all we say and do
Service to the community
Our mascot, the P-40 Warhawk, and our motto, “Above the best,” are iconic symbols of the World War II era. Called “The Greatest Generation” by Tom Brokaw, the American people exhibited qualities that resulted in victory for the United States and for the Allied Forces and are equally critical to success in the 21st Century--purpose, patriotism, sense of duty, productivity, work ethic, integrity, sacrifice, courage, faith, resilience, personal responsibility and family values.  The Ridgevue administration and staff is grateful for our opportunity to come alongside of parents and guardians as we nurture and encourage America’s next greatest generation.
Every person who enters Ridgevue will change the learning environment in some way.  As we live our lives and make choices about our purpose, set goals, and achieve our goals, we write our story, our legacy.  We offer all who enter our doors the opportunity to learn, to achieve, to lead, and to matter today.  Ridgevue High School is a community of purpose.  If we commit to helping each other succeed in meeting our individual and collective purpose, the reward will be immeasurable.
Strive to uphold the Warhawk Way.  Give yourself the best chance for success by being fully present and focused on being your best self and helping others be their best selves.  We are Warhawks United.
Dr. Julie K. Yamamoto, Principal